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Architectural Designer’s Micro House on Oahu Hawaii

Micro House Hawaii Directed and Produced by Yehoshua Malachi Joe Hamiter, friend, micro house builder, and doctorate of architecture student at UH at Manoa. Right now he is selling a beautiful micro house he built several years ago. He and I have both shared this space as an office during the months of July. Prior to that he lived there, and…

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Enlightened: A Journey through Karma Ground Zero (Trailer)

A long journey to a far away land had ceased and we now gazed out into the city as though it were a post-apocalyptic film come real. This land was considered by many to be enlightened. It was a place of truth and holiness to be held in high regard. Yet, the longer we lingered amongst the decay and rubble, the more we learned the truth about karma.…

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Seed: A Film About Justice

Last week, I joined a team of like-minded friends and peers to begin production on a short film entitled “SEED.” This is a fictional work following the story of Chaz (played by Antonio Anagran) and his struggles to assimilate back into society following a lengthy prison sentence. This short film is directed by J. Nick Porreca and takes place in a restaurant named SEED.…

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